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ColladaXna is a .NET library for loading COLLADA models with XNA 4. It's not ready for productive use yet. The focus of this project is importing the models properly and representing as much data as possible in the XNA content model, or at some point, if that should not suffice, in a custom content format.

Hence, rendering is not a concern of this project and must be performed by other libraries or simply the default XNA classes. The following screenshot shows a few examples of models loaded through the COLLADA Standard Importer that were processed with XNA's Default Model Processor and rendered using the default Model Class and BasicEffect.

Some example models from different sources

From left to right: Bulldogtopus (exported from Spore); MX-113 (© Clemens Kanzler); Marcus Fenix (extracted from Gears of War)


This wiki is under construction. I will fill it a.s.a.p.

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