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  1. bunqDesktop bunqDesktop Public archive

    The unofficial, free and open source desktop application for the bunq API

    JavaScript 272 53

  2. bunqJSClient bunqJSClient Public archive

    A javascript SDK for the bunq API

    TypeScript 58 22

  3. bunqAutomation bunqAutomation Public archive

    An unofficial and self-hosted automation server for bunq's API

    13 6

  4. bunq-cli bunq-cli Public archive

    An unofficial and open source CLI tool to quickly use the bunq API

    TypeScript 13 6

  5. bunqDesktopWebsite bunqDesktopWebsite Public

    The landing page for

    HTML 5 3

  6. bunqDesktopWiki bunqDesktopWiki Public

    The wiki site for bunqDesktop

    JavaScript 3 6


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