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A collection of small scripts to provide various functions
which might be useful to BunsenLinux users and system administrators.

bl-lock:				Script to lock the display.
bl-hotcorners:			Script to add hot corners to Openbox.

The above were originally imported from cb-exit, cb-lock and cb-wmhacks,
made for CrunchBang Linux and subsequently modified for BunsenLabs.

bl-conky-session:		Script to handle multiple conky sessions.
bl-conkyedit:			Script to find and edit conky config files.
bl-conkyzen:			Yad-based conky manager.
bl-conkypin:			Script to assist the movement of conky windows.

bl-tint-session:		Script to handle multiple tint2 sessions.
bl-tint2edit:			Script to find and edit tint2 config files.
bl-tint2-restart:		Script to restart all running tint2 processes.
bl-tint2zen:			Yad-based tint2 manager.

bl-kb:					Script to read openbox keyboard shortcuts and write them to a text file.
bl-obthemes:			Script to save or restore openbox gui configurations.

bl-pkg-versions:		Utility to display the versions of BunsenLabs packages in the apt repository and on GitHub.
bl-notify-broadcast:	Script to send user notification popups from root processes.
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