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JobSpy is a simple, yet comprehensive, job scraping library.

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  • Scrapes job postings from LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, & ZipRecruiter simultaneously
  • Aggregates the job postings in a Pandas DataFrame
  • Proxies support



pip install -U python-jobspy

Python version >= 3.10 required


import csv
from jobspy import scrape_jobs

jobs = scrape_jobs(
    site_name=["indeed", "linkedin", "zip_recruiter", "glassdoor"],
    search_term="software engineer",
    location="Dallas, TX",
    hours_old=72, # (only Linkedin/Indeed is hour specific, others round up to days old)
    country_indeed='USA',  # only needed for indeed / glassdoor
    # linkedin_fetch_description=True # get full description and direct job url for linkedin (slower)
    # proxies=["", "", "localhost"],
print(f"Found {len(jobs)} jobs")
jobs.to_csv("jobs.csv", quoting=csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC, escapechar="\\", index=False) # to_excel


SITE           TITLE                             COMPANY           CITY          STATE  JOB_TYPE  INTERVAL  MIN_AMOUNT  MAX_AMOUNT  JOB_URL                                            DESCRIPTION
indeed         Software Engineer                 AMERICAN SYSTEMS  Arlington     VA     None      yearly    200000      150000  THIS POSITION COMES WITH A 10K SIGNING BONUS!...
indeed         Senior Software Engineer  Philadelphia  PA     fulltime  yearly    135000      110000  About Us TherapyNotes is the national leader i...
linkedin       Software Engineer - Early Career  Lockheed Martin   Sunnyvale     CA     fulltime  yearly    None        None      Description:By bringing together people that u...
linkedin       Full-Stack Software Engineer      Rain              New York      NY     fulltime  yearly    None        None      Rain’s mission is to create the fastest and ea...
zip_recruiter Software Engineer - New Grad       ZipRecruiter      Santa Monica  CA     fulltime  yearly    130000      150000  We offer a hybrid work environment. Most US-ba...
zip_recruiter Software Developer                 TEKsystems        Phoenix       AZ     fulltime  hourly    65          75  Top Skills' Details• 6 years of Java developme...

Parameters for scrape_jobs()

├── site_name (list|str): 
|    linkedin, zip_recruiter, indeed, glassdoor 
|    (default is all four)
├── search_term (str)
├── location (str)
├── distance (int): 
|    in miles, default 50
├── job_type (str): 
|    fulltime, parttime, internship, contract
├── proxies (list): 
|    in format ['user:pass@host:port', 'localhost']
|    each job board will round robin through the proxies
├── is_remote (bool)
├── results_wanted (int): 
|    number of job results to retrieve for each site specified in 'site_name'
├── easy_apply (bool): 
|    filters for jobs that are hosted on the job board site
├── description_format (str): 
|    markdown, html (Format type of the job descriptions. Default is markdown.)
├── offset (int): 
|    starts the search from an offset (e.g. 25 will start the search from the 25th result)
├── hours_old (int): 
|    filters jobs by the number of hours since the job was posted 
|    (ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor round up to next day.)
├── verbose (int) {0, 1, 2}: 
|    Controls the verbosity of the runtime printouts 
|    (0 prints only errors, 1 is errors+warnings, 2 is all logs. Default is 2.)

├── linkedin_fetch_description (bool): 
|    fetches full description and direct job url for LinkedIn (Increases requests by O(n))
├── linkedin_company_ids (list[int]): 
|    searches for linkedin jobs with specific company ids
├── country_indeed (str): 
|    filters the country on Indeed & Glassdoor (see below for correct spelling)
├── Indeed limitations:
|    Only one from this list can be used in a search:
|    - hours_old
|    - job_type & is_remote
|    - easy_apply
└── LinkedIn limitations:
|    Only one from this list can be used in a search:
|    - hours_old
|    - easy_apply

JobPost Schema

├── title (str)
├── company (str)
├── company_url (str)
├── job_url (str)
├── location (object)
│   ├── country (str)
│   ├── city (str)
│   ├── state (str)
├── description (str)
├── job_type (str): fulltime, parttime, internship, contract
├── job_function (str)
├── compensation (object)
│   ├── interval (str): yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly
│   ├── min_amount (int)
│   ├── max_amount (int)
│   └── currency (enum)
├── date_posted (date)
├── emails (str)
└── is_remote (bool)

Indeed specific
├── company_country (str)
└── company_addresses (str)
└── company_industry (str)
└── company_employees_label (str)
└── company_revenue_label (str)
└── company_description (str)
└── ceo_name (str)
└── ceo_photo_url (str)
└── logo_photo_url (str)
└── banner_photo_url (str)

Supported Countries for Job Searching


LinkedIn searches globally & uses only the location parameter.


ZipRecruiter searches for jobs in US/Canada & uses only the location parameter.

Indeed / Glassdoor

Indeed & Glassdoor supports most countries, but the country_indeed parameter is required. Additionally, use the location parameter to narrow down the location, e.g. city & state if necessary.

You can specify the following countries when searching on Indeed (use the exact name, * indicates support for Glassdoor):

Argentina Australia* Austria* Bahrain
Belgium* Brazil* Canada* Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic
Denmark Ecuador Egypt Finland
France* Germany* Greece Hong Kong*
Hungary India* Indonesia Ireland*
Israel Italy* Japan Kuwait
Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico* Morocco
Netherlands* New Zealand* Nigeria Norway
Oman Pakistan Panama Peru
Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar
Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore* South Africa
South Korea Spain* Sweden Switzerland*
Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine
United Arab Emirates UK* USA* Uruguay
Venezuela Vietnam*


  • Indeed is the best scraper currently with no rate limiting.
  • All the job board endpoints are capped at around 1000 jobs on a given search.
  • LinkedIn is the most restrictive and usually rate limits around the 10th page with one ip. Proxies are a must basically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Encountering issues with your queries?
A: Try reducing the number of results_wanted and/or broadening the filters. If problems persist, submit an issue.

Q: Received a response code 429?
A: This indicates that you have been blocked by the job board site for sending too many requests. All of the job board sites are aggressive with blocking. We recommend:

  • Wait some time between scrapes (site-dependent).
  • Try using the proxies param to change your IP address.