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A Cuberite plugin finally bringing hologram !
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A Cuberite plugin finally bringing hologram !

Supported features

  • Creating / Edition / Removal / ...
  • Colors with &
  • Multiline (Need to extend Cuberite API to get proper integration)
  • Floating item (Same that above)
  • Maybe: Interaction with hologram / item hologram (Integrating glowing item could be great)

No too much complexe/laggyfull thing like animation are planned. For now Keep It Simple and Stupid.


  • The plugin don't store anything by himself, it's only a tool to create invisible and nammed armor stand. It also mean that the plugin could be saftly disabled when not needed.
  • It also implie that getting a list of hologram or manipulating them need the concerned chunks to be loaded

Important notes

Taking note of this plugin need one or two tweaks to be considered as stable


Go in server's plugin directory and git clone Then add in your server's settings.ini, under [Plugins] a line like Plugin=StaticHolograms


/sholograms [list|add|remove|move|edit] <id> <x> <y> <z> <text>


  • Listing : /sholograms list
  • Creation : /sholograms add 0 80 0 &cIt works !
  • Removal : /sholograms remove <id> (The ID is provided when listing or just after the creation)
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