Examples of how to configure and run linkerd
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linkerd examples

🎈 Welcome to linkerd-examples! 👋

This repo contains subdirectories with various examples for how to use linkerd and namerd. Each of the subdirectories is described below.

Getting started

Provides guides for getting linkerd up and running in multiple different environments, including local development, docker-compose, DC/OS, and Kubernetes. More information:

Add steps demo

Provides a self-contained docker-compose environment that can be used to test linkerd's performance. More information:


Provides common configurations for deploying linkerd and namerd to DC/OS. More information:


Contains files and scripts for building custom Docker images that are used in some of the examples in this repo.

Failure accrual demo

Provides a self-contained docker-compose environment that can be used to test various failure accrual settings. More information:

Gob's microservice

Defines an example microservice application that uses linkerd and namerd to do staging, canary, and blue-green deploy.


Contains a linkerd configuration file that demonstrates how to make requests through linkerd using the http_proxy environment variable. More information:

A Service Mesh for Kubernetes

Defines a sample hellow world app and multiple configs for deploying the app to Kubernetes in various configurations, in support for Buoyant's "A Service Mesh for Kubernetes" series of blog posts. More information:


Contains sample code for building linkerd plugins. More information:


Go script that is used to generate traffic to Gob's microservice.