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Improved categories about custom menu title (another than page title, WIP)
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Adding next category title for navigations OpenCart 2.x

Improved categories about custom menu title (another than page title)


  1. Requiring installed vQmod because vQmod doesn't support installing via composer itself.
  2. 💲 composer require burdapraha/oc_category_menu_title
  3. 💲 composer require sasedev/composer-plugin-filecopier for files manipulating
  4. Add this code to your ? composer.json project file, extra section:
    "extra": {
        "filescopier": [
                "source": "vendor/burdapraha/oc_category_menu_title/upload",
                "destination": "upload",
                "debug": "true"

It will move vQmod xml file to correct folder.

  1. optionally you can add row to your .gitignore file with path to svg.xml (example: upload/vqmod/xml/oc_category_menu_title.xml)
  2. celebrate! 🎉 🎉 🎉
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