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Watchword Remarks
Readability Make code easy to read: code is read more often than written.
DRYness (Don't Repeat Yourself) Avoid redundant code and data.
YAGNIty (You Ain't Gonna Need It) Don't write code before it's needed.
Sloth Maximize use of Ruby gems. The line of code you don't write is the line of code you never have to debug. -- Steve Jobs
Explicitness Explicate everything, even when "unnecessary." If it goes without saying, it would go better by saying it. -- Tallyrand
Cleanliness Keep everything clean and consistent. Resolve all code inspection issues before committing code.
Failed Verdict Diagnostics Log data sufficient to diagnose a failed verdict.
Test Error Diagnostics Detect test errors early, fail early, provide useful information.
Monitoring Trust, but verify. Monitor documentation for changes.