An statically typed event hub built on Swift generics and Apple's NotificationCenter.
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Original gist is here:

There's a blog post about this repository:

And here's a usage example:

 Statically declare all domain events, along with the type of extra information the
 event will carry with it.
extension Events {
    static let userUpdated = Event<User?>("UserUpdated")

struct User {
    let name: String

let hub = Hub()

hub.observe(.userUpdated) { user in
    if let user = user {
        debugPrint("New user: \(")
    } else {
        debugPrint("User disappeared!")
}, User(name: "")), nil)


Pull requests are very welcome!

Some thoughts regarding possible changes or updates:

  • We're using object, but perhaps userInfo is better with a known key?
  • We don't allow specifying object in observe or post.
  • We don't allow specifying queue in observe.
  • There's no alternative with an observer that auto-cancels on deinit.
  • There's no observe that observes just once.
  • Would be nice to turn this into a Cocoapod/Carthage/Swift Package.


MIT license.