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A website with a graph visualisation of how operators counter each other in Rainbow Six Siege.


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R6 Operator Counters

A graph visualisation of counterplay in Rainbow Six Siege.

R6 Operator Counters


  • Visualise hard and soft counters for each operator in the game.
  • View operator details, counter details and filter the graph based on counter level (hard/soft/minor).
  • Drag & interact with the operators.
  • Crisp graphics at any zoom level.
  • Responsive web design.



Clone the repository, install all dependencies, build and serve the project.

> git clone
> npm install
> npm start

Open http://localhost:8080 in your favorite browser.

Tools needed

Building the project for a release

Use the gulp build command to build a static version of the website to the "dist" folder. This will prepare all the site assets and optimise them to be hosted in an AWS S3 storage bucket.

During the gulp build, if there is an error during the npm run createjson step, gulp will not tell you a specific error. To see the specific error you must run npm run createjson from the console.

How to contribute

I am hoping that this project will be a fun place for open source newcomers (like myself). Feel free to take a look at the issues or come up with your own improvements for the project. I am happy to review pull requests and I can answer questions you might have.

Key places to look if you want to update something in this project:

  • The main webpage - .\src\html\index.html
  • The main app script for the webpage - .src\main\app.js
  • Operator images paths - .src\main\imageLocation.js
  • Operator data - .\src\main\create-operator-json\operators
  • Operator class logic - .\src\main\create-operator-json\core
    • This is used to construct the Neo4j database/JSON file that D3.js renders as a nice graph.
  • Stylesheets - .\src\main\styles\neo4jd3.scss
  • Misc images - .\src\images\site\

Any pull requests that get merged into master will trigger a build of the website. This build will get published to AWS and will be hosted at after one day.


Thank you to all the contributors to R6 Operator Counters.

View our humans.txt file with more info about this project's contributors.

What's coming?

  • More filtering
  • More views
  • Seasonal counter updates
  • Performance improvements

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2020 the author. Code released under the MIT license. Docs released under Creative Commons.