iBurn for Android



iBurn is an offline map and guide for the Burning Man art festival.

Got iOS? You'll love iBurn for iOS.

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  • Make sure your Android SDK packages are up to date.
  • $ git clone https://github.com/Burning-Man-Earth/iBurn-Android --recursive
  • $ cd ./iBurn-Android
  • $ touch ./iBurn/src/main/java/com/gaiagps/iburn/SECRETS.java && open ./iBurn/src/main/java/com/gaiagps/iburn/SECRETS.java
  • Copy the following into SECRETS.java:

    package com.gaiagps.iburn;
    public class SECRETS {
        public static final String HOCKEY_ID = "YOUR_HOCKEYAPP_ID";
        public static final String UNLOCK_CODE = "WHATEVER";
        public static final String IBURN_API_URL = "SOME_URL";
  • $ ./gradlew assembleDebug or from Android Studio invoke 'Import Project' and select the ./iBurn-Android directory.

Note: Camp, Art and Event location data (camps.json, art.json, events.json) are embargoed by the Burning Man Organization until the gates open each year. Sorry!

Fortunately, you can still run and test the app with the previous year's data.


  • When searching map, smooth zoom to frame results
  • Pretty up that item detail view.
  • Show Favorites on the Map
  • Scroll back to top when switching sort
  • Put Playa location as first item in detail view (e.g. 7:45 & E)
  • Put distance as second item in detail view
  • Put description as third item in detail view
  • Make map view on detail screen slightly smaller
  • Show Playa location below camp/art relation link on Events detail view

Updating data

If bundled tiles are updated, you can change MapProvider.MBTILE_DESTINATION to force all upgrades to copy the bundled tiles.

Put bundled database in ./iBurn/main/assets/databases, make sure DBWrapper filename is up to date, and bump version to force a dump-and-recopy.


Make sure you've:

  • Set embargo date correctly in Embargo.java, and adjust dates in EventListViewFragment and AdapterUtils
  • Incremented the version code and name in ./iBurn/build.grade The final pre-signed store release should be built with:

    $ ./gradlew assembleRegularUnsigned

Pass the resulting apk off for signing. Then zipalign before publishing:

$ zipalign -f -v 4 ./signed.apk ./signed-aligned.apk


Thank you for your interest in contributing to iBurn! Please open up an issue on our tracker before starting work on major interface or functionality changes. Otherwise, feel free to run wild!

  1. Fork the project and do your work in a feature branch.
  2. Make sure everything compiles and existing functionality is not broken.
  3. Open a pull request.
  4. Thank you! :)

Your contributions will need to be licensed to us under the MPL 2.0 and will be distributed under the terms of the MPL 2.0.




© 2016 David Brodsky

Code: MPL 2.0 (similar to the LGPL in terms of copyleft but more compatible with the App Store)

Data: CC BY-SA 4.0