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An attempt at porting the "simple-shm" demo client in the wayland-demos 
repository to Go. Currently, it does paint to the screen, but only does it 

This is some of the worst code I've ever written and is strictly meant as a 
"Hey it can be done" sort of thing.

So far, while this is working, I still considered it a failed experiment. 
Primarily because the Wayland libraries use C function pointers gratuitously, 
and cgo cannot deal with these elegantly.

Moreover, all of the "callback" functions (prefixed with "go...") must be 
exported, and for whatever reason, the Wayland structs are not being properly 
translated to Go types. Thus, the callback functions must be stripped of all 
struct parameters, and data must be passed using unsafe.Pointer. Not pretty.

Please see
for a more in depth description of the exporting problem.

This package is indeed Go gettable, but for it to do anything meaningful, 
you'll need to have a Wayland compositor running. (This has only been tested 
with the reference compositor, Weston.)

Run Weston (under X11 is fine) and then run 
$GOPATH/bin/go-wayland-simple-shm from a terminal.

Build instructions for Wayland can be found here: -- If you're lucky, your Linux 
distribution has packaged it for you.