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Commits on Jun 25, 2012
  1. Applied which-2.20.patch.

  2. Applied title-matching.patch.

  3. Applied moveresize.patch.

Commits on Jan 12, 2012
  1. add README.MULTIHEAD to docs

  2. more changes for merge

  3. merge

  4. tags lowercase file

Commits on Oct 26, 2011
  1. @danakj

    Quiet build outbut on by default

    danakj committed
Commits on Oct 16, 2011
  1. @danakj
  2. @danakj

    ignore .rej files

    danakj committed
  3. @danakj
  4. @danakj
  5. @danakj

    Check the return value for launching the startup command.

    danakj committed
    Copy/paste error?
  6. @danakj

    Fixes for gnome-session 3.

    danakj committed
    We run by default with a panel (default gnome-panel) and then run Openbox
    without any panel if one cannot be found.
    - Adds a fallback session for if a panel (default gnome-panel) not found.
    - Removes notifications as a requirement.  Seems to be a legacy thing judging
      from the ubuntu .session files.  Notifications are being provided by
      notify-osd on modern systems, and you can't check for its presence in
      gnome-session (gnome-classic.session always fails because it looks for it, so
      ubuntu falls back to gnome-fallback.session).
  7. @danakj

    Remove unused variable

    danakj committed
  8. @danakj

    respect the active/mouse options for monitor placement, and use ObMon…

    danakj committed
    …itorPlace for per-app too
  9. @danakj
  10. @danakj

    Add "active" and "primary" options to the <monitor> placement option …

    danakj committed
    …for per-app settings (bug #5180)
  11. @danakj

    make undecorated windows place according to their undecorated state (…

    danakj committed
    …bug #5179)
    splits client_setup_decor_and_functions() into 3 functions.
    1. add client_setup_default_decor_and_functions()
    - called from client_get_all() to get the maximum decor/functions that will
      be available for use by the client.
    2. add client_setup_decor_undecorated()
    - sets up the client's undecorarted decor if the flag is set by the per-app
      settings or session state.
    - we do this before setting up the frame so the frame reflects the window as it
      should be when getting placed.
    3. client_setup_decor_and_functions()
    - calls the above 2 to perform the same functions as before.
    - added to client_apply_startup_state() so that we can ensure it was run fully
      at least once in the mapping process, since it is not called in
      client_get_all() anymore.
  12. @danakj

    it would seem this cannot return NULL now

    danakj committed
    It will get the primary monitor if there is not monitor under the pointer. But
    assert so it's clear something went wrong if this does happen. Note that there
    was previously no check for the return value even though the comment claimed
    there should be.
  13. @danakj

    Link libobt into libobrender, as it uses things from libobt (bug #5150)

    Fryderyk Dziarmagowski committed with danakj
    libobrender uses ObtPaths stuff, so it needs to link in libobt.
  14. @danakj
  15. @danakj
  16. @danakj

    free undecorated border colors

    danakj committed
  17. @memeplex @danakj

    Specific border width/color for undecorated active/inactive windows (…

    memeplex committed with danakj
    …bug #4889)
    The attached patch adds three theme options with backward compatible defaults:
      defaults to border.width
      defaults to
      defaults to window.inactive.border.color
  18. @danakj

    Fix crash when keyboard map changes and no keybindings exist.

    danakj committed
    Don't assume old tree is non-null and start rebinding it.
  19. @Mikachu

    Change default doubleclick timeout to 500ms and keep track of where l…

    Mikachu committed
    …ast click was
    Bug #5152 - "mouse double-click time is too low by default - 200ms"
    We only use the doubleclick in one place in the default configuration,
    for doubleclicking titlebars to maximize windows, so any negative impact
    of increasing the timeout should be minimal, especially with the
    addition of requiring the two clicks to be in the same place.
    Doubleclicks are hardcoded to occur within 8 pixels for now, it doesn't
    seem worth it to add a config until someone complains. A possibility is
    using the drag threshold, but some people have that set very low so it
    could be hard to doubleclick then.
Commits on Oct 15, 2011
  1. @danakj
Commits on Oct 11, 2011
  1. @danakj
Commits on Oct 7, 2011
  1. @danakj

    Make openbox-gnome-session compatible with gnome3 with gnome-session …

    Geoffrey Antos committed with danakj
    …3.0+ support.
    Yay they did something nice and made it easier for other window managers to be used.  How unexpected and pleasant.
Commits on Oct 6, 2011
  1. @danakj

    Don't show prompts inside the message handler to prevent recursion

    danakj committed
    Showing prompts causes messages to be created which causes the glib message
    handler to abort().  Save the messages and show them when done all other
    processing for the current event.
Commits on Oct 5, 2011
  1. @danakj

    bug #5253 kde4 is out now, use kde4 menus by default.

    danakj committed
    Startup scripts should export "XDG_MENU_PREFIX=kde-4-" but they export
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