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build comman for converting XML to Go

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commit a3d809515dde06999508d11127d7a28e910360b8 1 parent b081fc8
@BurntSushi authored
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27 Makefile
@@ -1,19 +1,16 @@
-all: xproto xinerama
- python2 $(XPROTO)/xproto.xml
- gofmt -w xproto.go
+# This Makefile is used by the developer. It is not needed in any way to build
+# a checkout of the XGB repository.
- python2 $(XPROTO)/xinerama.xml
- gofmt -w xinerama.go
- python2 $(XPROTO)/randr.xml
- gofmt -w randr.go
+# All of the XML files in my /usr/share/xcb directory EXCEPT XKB. -_-
+all: bigreq.xml composite.xml damage.xml dpms.xml dri2.xml \
+ ge.xml glx.xml randr.xml record.xml render.xml res.xml \
+ screensaver.xml shape.xml shm.xml sync.xml xc_misc.xml \
+ xevie.xml xf86dri.xml xf86vidmode.xml xfixes.xml xinerama.xml \
+ xinput.xml xprint.xml xproto.xml xselinux.xml xtest.xml \
+ xvmc.xml xv.xml
- python2 $(XPROTO)/render.xml
- gofmt -w render.go
+ xgbgen/xgbgen --proto-path $(XPROTO) $(XPROTO)/$*.xml > auto_$*.go
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