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BURON Installation

BURON allows you to remotely manage and monitor GPU mining rigs. The control is carried out through the browser, and BURON mining manager should be installed on the device. The detailed installation and configuration process is described below.

  1. Firstly, you need to register. After that, you will receive the API key, which will be needed in the configuration of the mining manager.

  2. Log into your personal account and select [ACCOUNT DATA] (https://beta.buronproject.com/#/mykey) from the main menu. Enter your current password, after that you will receive the name and key that we need to configure the BURON mining manager.

  3. Then you need to download mining manager. The latest version can be downloaded from the Releases section. Or at a quick link buron.io/latest

  4. Unpack the downloaded archive in the config.json file and type in rigname (rigid and hardware left blank), then fill the accountname and the accountkey that you received in the control panel.

"rig": {
"cloud": {
  "serverurl": "beta.buronproject.com",
  "accountname": "",
  "accountkey": ""
  1. Start the buron-console. At the first start, the Windows Defender will ask whether you allow the application to access the network. Also, some antiviruses complain about the buron-console, this is due to the fact that the application launches other applications (in our case, miners). In the next releases we will solve this problem.

  2. The Mining Manager must connect to BURON Cloud. After that you can go to the control panel and start managing the mining from the browser.

We didn't yet prepare instruction how to set up mining from control panel. Actually it very simple, you just need to input your wallet in pre-default config and start it. However anytime you can message in chat, that present on each page, and we will help you to set-up your coin and pool.


What currencies can be mined using the BURON software?

Writing this text in December 2017, we prove that the following currencies can be mined: ETH, ETC, MUSIC, EXP, ZEC, LBC, DCR, SC, LBC, PASC. We regularly update the supported currencies. Our goal is to create a miner-manager that supports all the popular algorithms. Please, let us know in support chat if you want to add any miners or pool.

What mining equipment does BURON work with?

Mining manager works on Windows and Linux to manage GPU rigs. And for the management of ASICs, we are developing the BURON Box. Mining manager can be download here, as for the Buron box, its launch is planned for the 1st quarter of 2018.

How much is your soft?

Mining manager is distributed free of charge, and using the control panel, after the release of a stable version, will cost approximately 1% (from 0.5% to 1.5%) of the earnings of the miner. We released BURC tokens, basic cost of 1 BURC token is equal the use of 1 device per day. However, for each device, we introduce a coefficient so that in fact the payment will be about 1%. While the software is in beta, we have developed a bounty program for miners, it means that we will pay miners, every day for using BURON.

What is the Bounty Program for the miners?

Instead of taking money from the miners for using the service, we pay them on the contrary. Each Miner using BURON during the beta test will receive BURC tokens for each day of use of the service. For these needs, we allocate 1 000 000 BURC. We will publish details of the bounty of the program for miners later.

Will the newcomer understand the BURON program?

Our main task is to create simple and convenient software for mining. One can easily understand how all this works, and if you have any questions - you will always get our support.

Will BURON mine to the wallets of developers?

No. All the operations of the miner-manager are available in the logs of the system and the control panel. We earn on the sale of software and plan to make the mining-manager an open source project for the maximum transparency.