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Questions and Answers (FAQ)


What is BURON?

BURON is the company developing software for crypto currency mining. We create a GPU mining manager, a control and monitoring panel and a device for the ASIC managing.

Who needs your software?

Our main users are the owners of mining hotels, the people for whom mining is the main source of income, let’s call them professional miners. However, it can be used by any miner, even from on a laptop.

What problem does your software solve?

We are creating a new way of mining managing. Our goal is to monitor and manage the mining equipment in the most simple and convenient way. You can reduce equipment downtime, quickly switch currencies, diagnose existing and potential problems, and generate all kinds of reports.

How will you earn?

The software assembly for the mining will be free, and the use of the control panel will paid by users with the BURC tokens, which were released for the crowdsdale. The initial, basic cost of 1 BURC token equals to the use of 1 device per day.

Why is not our project a scam?

Firstly, if we decided to do a scam-project, we wouldn’t openly publish our personalities. Secondly, we already have a ready-made, working product and customers.

Questions about software

What currencies can be mined using the BURON software?

Writing this text in December 2017, we prove that the following currencies can be mined: ETH, ETC, MUSIC, EXP, ZEC, LBC, DCR, SC, LBC, PASC. We regularly update the supported currencies. Our goal is to create a miner-manager that supports all the popular algorithms.

What mining equipment does BURON work with?

Mining manager works on Windows and Linux to manage GPU rigs. And for the management of ASICs, we are developing the BURON Box. Mining manager can be downloaded here, as for the Buron box, its launch is planned for the 1st quarter of 2018.

How much is your software?

Mining manager is distributed free of charge, and using the control panel costs about 1% (from 0.5% to 1.5%) of the miner earnings. We have released BURC tokens and its basic cost is equal to using of 1 device per day. However, for each device you enter a coefficient, so that in fact the payment is about 1%. We suggest special conditions to our beta testers.

Will the newcomer understand the BURON program?

Yes, we have created a product for mining that is very easy and simple to navigate, unlike existing ones on the market.

Will BURON mine to the wallets of developers?

No. All the operations of the miner-manager are available in the logs of the system and the control panel. We earn on the sale of software and plan to make the mining- manager an open source project for the maximum transparency.

Crowdsdale and BURC tokens

What is a BURC token?

BURC is a token of the ERC20 standard released in the Ethereum blockchain. The token is intended for the BURON service payment, and equals the basic cost of using 1 mining device per day. All crowdsale members receive BURC tokens. BURC token is planned to be withdrawn to the exchange in the 2nd quarter 2018.

How much is 1 BURC token?

Before the withdrawal of the token to the exchange, its basic cost is 0.000177 ETH. As of December 2017, this is approximately 1% of the daily earnings of the ETH miner, based on the ethermine pool statistics.

Why will the token price grow?

Along with the development of the BURON project, the number of miners will increase. The more miners, the greater will become the demand for tokens, as they are needed to use the service. We will also convert part of the revenue received into tokens, buying them out on the market. In other words, the demand for a token will grow with the growth of the project.

Who will buy tokens?

We are aimed at 3 main groups: Beginner and professional miners, block chain participants, institutional investors, funds and private investors.

When will the tokens be on the exchange?

We plan to place BURC tokens on Poloniex, Bittrex and / or other exchanges. We plan this for the 2nd quarter 2018.

How can I buy BURC tokens?

At the time of writing this FAQ, you can buy a token for ETH, and in the near future it will be possible for BTC. Detailed information on how to do this can be found in the instructions.

What countries can token holders come from?

Since BURC is a utility token, there are no restrictions.

What are the crowdsale conditions?

In fact, the first crowdsale (SEED) round began on September 1, 2017. Now the main stage is in progress (it began in December 2017). The minimum number of tokens to purchase during the crowdsale is 1000 BURC (0.177 ETH). For the first investors bonuses are provided, up to 50%. To purchase a token, you can send ETH to our smart contract address or from your personal account after registration. Instruction for purchasing tokens and section White Paper about crowdsale.