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Bushtalk Radio

Have you given up on your travel plans for the foreseeable future? Become a virtual tourist with this free addon for MSFS2020! Explore the world while listening to thousands of audio tours from the comfort of your cockpit.

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MSFS Community Spotlight:


  • Thousands of new POIs each with an audio tour that is automatically played on arrival

  • Submit your own POIs and audio tours, just write the script and we generate the audio!

  • Plan and track your flight on the Bushtalk Radio website

  • Help us map the world by exploring new areas and finding undiscovered POIs using your Bush Radar

What is it?

Bushtalk Radio is a community driven project with the aim to fill the vast world of MSFS with thousands of interesting landmarks and POIs. Each landmark will have an audio tour that will automatically play as you approach it.

We have audio tours for all in-game POIs (including World Updates for Japan, USA & UK) as well as thousands of community submitted content with more being added every day: mountains, lakes, famous buildings, volcanoes, historical battles or a random bit local trivia - there's something for everyone.

Users can add custom locations and write their own audio tours. Just write an interesting, witty script and we'll create the audio tour for you. Not the creative type? Autogenerate one with our Wikipedia Import tool, we won't judge you. We want to introduce players to amazing locations around the world. Add them as part of your next bush trip or fly aimlessly and stumble into something special.

There are 3 components to Bushtalk Radio:

  • Bushtalk Radio website - This is where our users upload landmarks and POIs. Once you connect, the audio will be played through the browser so make sure to keep this open.

  • Bushtalk Radio client - The client is needed to upload your airplane location to our server. This is what allows us to automatically play the audio tour based on your in-game location. Drag and drop the folder into your Community folder.

  • Bushtalk Radio Landmarks Pack (OPTIONAL) - This optional addon allows you to see all of the community POI markers in-game. This file will be updated monthly to include all of the landmarks and POIs submitted on the Bushtalk Radio website so if your submissions are mission then wait for next month's update

How to use

While you can still use the website on mobile to track your flight, we recommend using the computer you'll be playing MSFS2020 on as the browser needs to be open for the audio tours to be played.

  1. Make an account at and log in
  2. Download the Bushtalk World Landmarks Pack and install it to your community folder
  3. Download the Bushtalk Radio Client and log in
  4. Choose a suitable departure airport to the landmark you wish to explore. (TIP: our website will tell you the nearest airport if you click on the POI)
  5. If you've logged in with the client, you will see your plane being tracked on the website
  6. Fly towards your destination, if you installed the Landmarks Pack then you'll see the POI marker in-game and as you approach the audio tour will play automatically.
  7. Remember that you need to logged in with the client AND the website, otherwise the audio will not play!
  8. Read the FAQ below if you have any issues

Here are some of the best Bushtalk Radio has to offer

  1. Second Punic War: Battle of Cannae - part of a 11-part audio tour covering the Second Punic War
  2. World's Largest Beaver Dam - a dam so big that can be seen from space
  3. Sinking of the Titanic - a tragic loss of life in the middle of the Atlantic
  4. Fordlândia - a failed experiment deep in the Amazon
  5. Galápagos Islands - Many islands and volcanoes in close proximity. Find out what makes this place so unique.
  6. Flevoland - If god built the world, then the Dutch built the Netherlands. Find out why

I love the idea! How can I support the project?

NEW IN 1.3: Exploring new places with Bush Radar

Bushtalk Radio has thousands of POIs added by players but there has always been one limitation. You can only submit audio tours about places you know. We want to encourage you to explore new locations and make new discoveries to publish with Bushtalk Radio.

Bush Radar is an exploration tool that allows you to find undiscovered POIs while out in the bush. New discoveries can be found on the map as green blips as well as in your Discovery Log. Once you've found something worth sharing, publish it to Bushtalk Radio along with an audio tour. To get started simply turn the radar on from the Discovery Log page. On your next trip, keep an eye out for new Discoveries. Once your Bush Radar is on, it will automatically scan as soon as it's ready. There are 3 attributes to your Bush Radar that you should keep in mind:

  1. Range - The range is maximum distance in kilomoters that you're able to scan. This is given as the radius of the scanning area
  2. Cooldown - The amount of time between each scan. Bush planes are perfect for ensuring you have optimal coverage between each scan. Keep an eye on your scan history as you fly (faint grey circle) and adjust your speed accordlingly
  3. Scan limit - The maximum number of retrievable discoveries in each scan. You are more likely to hit the limit when flying in dense urban areas

Publishing new Discoveries can done from the map as you fly, or at the end of a long trip from the Discovery Log. Keep in mind that not all Discoveries are worth publishing, but this is up to you to decide. Open your Discovery in Wikipedia and see what interesting tidbits of information you can find. Did you find the site of a decisive battle or is it just another high school in the suburbs?

Stay tuned as we'll be adding different Discovery types and collectables around the world for you to find.


I have a feature request or bug to report

You can send me a message directly on /u/bushtalkradio, email me at or through the feedback form on our webite via the '+' button.

The client causes my game to crash to desktop

This is probably due to a conflict with the VFRMap addon, or another addon that uses the MSFS toolbar. We'll be fixing this in the future. In the meantime, remove VFRMap from your community folder, or use our external client (see below).

The audio tours are not playing automatically

Make sure you're connected with the Bushtalk Radio client AND> logged in our website. Do not minimize the browser window. Some browsers do not support audio being autoplayed without user input. For the best experience try using Chrome.

I'm having issues with the new cockpit client and/or I prefer the external client

Our old external client is still available to download here. This is a python script packaged into a executable so your browser/windows might flag it as a virus but rest assured this is a false positive.

Thanks and attributions

Icons made by Smashicons from Flaticon Template based on bymaximus's panel template


Bushtalk Radio is a community driven project with the aim to fill the empty world of MSFS2020 with thousands of additional landmarks and POIs.




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