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How to use grunt-curl to create a html site out of php, this demo also creates css from sass and concats multiple js files into one file, all while using watch to wait for changes

##Setup ###Grunt 0. Install node, grunt, sass, etc 1. Create package.json using $ npm init 2. Install grunt for the project $ npm install grunt --save-dev 3. Set up Gruntfile.js 4. Install grunt-contrib-watch $ npm install grunt --save-dev add it to Gruntfile.js: grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-watch'); 5. Install grunt-contrib-sass $ npm install grunt-contrib-sass --save-dev add it to Gruntfile.js: grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-sass'); 6. Install grunt-contrib-uglify $ npm install grunt-contrib-uglify --save-dev add it to Gruntfile.js: grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-contrib-uglify'); 7. Install grunt-curl $ npm install grunt-curl --save-dev add it to the Gruntfile.js: grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-curl'); 8. Set up sass, uglify and curl, then set up to watch them * Check out the Gruntfile.js 9. Turn on the php! $ cd project-directory $ php -S "" * at this point, you can see your files using php @ except the css and js will be in the wrong folders because the goal is to get it all into the build folder 8. Watch and build! $ cd project-directory $ grunt now if you save a js, scss or php file, it will be compiled/concatenated into the build folder

###Folder Structure

project root folder
	+- 	app (where all the parts live)
		+- js 
			+-	libraries
			script.js (the main project javascript)
		+- php
			+- inc (include files)
			index.php (example file)
		+-	styles
			+-	base (sample folder for SASS)
			styles.scss (main SASS file)
	+-	build (where the final project is compiled to)
		+-	js
			script.js (final js file, concat'd using uglify + grunt)
		+-	styles
			styles.css (final css file, compiled using SASS + grunt)
		index.html (compiled using curl + grunt)


How to use grunt-curl to create a html site out of php



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