Dragable and tearable tab control for WPF
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Tearable tab control for WPF, which includes docking, tool windows and MDI.

Alt text

Illustrates basic theme, more themes at end of page

Minimal XAML:

XAML as simple as this will give you a tab the tears out (using the basic theme).

<dragablz:TabablzControl Margin="8">
        <dragablz:InterTabController />
    <TabItem Header="Tab No. 1" IsSelected="True">
        <TextBlock>Hello World</TextBlock>
    <TabItem Header="Tab No. 2">
        <TextBlock>We Have Tearable Tabs!</TextBlock>


  • Drag and tear tabs
  • User friendly docking
  • Floating tool windows & MDI
  • Supports MVVM
  • IE style transparent Windows
  • Fully style-able, included styles:
  • Chrome style trapzoid tabs
  • Custom (and optional) Window which supports transparency, resizing, snapping, full Window content.
  • Miminal XAML required, but hooks provided for advanced control from client code
  • Single light weight assembly targeting .net 4.* frameworks, no additional dependencies
  • Demos in source (make sure you restore NuGet packages)

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Getting Started:

Here are some helpful blog posts to help you get started:

In the pipeline:

  • Layout persistance and restore
  • Extra themes

Some examples:

Material Design theme (see Material Design in XAML Toolkit):

Alt text


Alt text


Alt text

MahApps theme:

Alt text