.Net 4.0 Compatibility & Visual Studio Versions

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The library is compiled with VS 2015/C#6.0 to target .Net 4.5, which is the version you will find in the Nuget package.

.Net 4.0

There is a .Net 4.0 branch (net40) which was last updated just after the release of version 1.2, but .Net 4.0 is no longer supported.

I don't have the time to keep this up-to-date but I will accept pull requests onto this branch if anyone else wants to refresh it from master.

Visual Studio Versions

To compile the source you will need Visual Studio 2015. However, the compiled binaries can be used in Visual Studio 2012/2013 (pull in via nuget or reference manually).

Pre-Compiled Demo

If you are using < Visual Studio 2015 you can still see the demo (which is part of the main source code) in action. Go to the Releases page and look for a compiled version of the demo, e.g. Material.Design.Demo.1.3.zip