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[refers to pre-release version]

This library relies heavily on animation but it may be necessary to reduce the animation burden, for example when running on resource constrained hardware.

These techniques can help:


WPF allows you reduce the Timeline (Storyboard) frame-rate (from the default of 60):

Timeline.DesiredFrameRateProperty.OverrideMetadata(typeof(Timeline), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata { DefaultValue = 30 });


The Material Design In XAML Toolkit library itself provides means to turn off transitions (where supported) via an attached property:


This is an inheriting property, so you could turn off all (supported) transitions at Window (or UserControl) level:

<Window xmlns:materialDesign=""
        materialDesign:TransitionAssist.DisableTransitions="True" />

Or you could manage this with more granularity on individual controls.

Current status of controls supporting .DisableTransitions:

  • DialogHost
  • Drawer
  • Clock
  • Underline