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The simplest forms of snackbar usage are:

<materialDesign:Snackbar Message="Hello World" IsActive="True" />

<materialDesign:Snackbar IsActive="{Binding IsActive}">
    <materialDesign:SnackbarMessage Content="Deleted Item" ActionContent="UNDO" ActionCommand="{Binding UndoCommand}" />

However, in a real world scenario this usage isn't going to work. With a visual notification system such as the snackbar various things have to be taken into account:

  • Displaying messages for a set period
  • Having different callbacks (or commands) for different messages
  • Queuing messages, and receiving from different threads
  • Discarding duplicates received in quick succession
  • Keeping messages active due to events such as mouse over or dialog displaying over the top

To assist with all of the above challenges a SnackbarMessageQueue is provided.

There is shorthand to setup a message queue, typically if you are a using code-behind development style you might use this syntax:

<materialDesign:Snackbar MessageQueue="{materialDesign:MessageQueue}" />

Or in an MVVM scenario you might use a binding:

<materialDesign:Snackbar MessageQueue="{Binding MyMessageQueue}" />

The SnackbarMessageQueue implements ISnackbarMessageQueue so you could create the queue near application startup and inject down into your view models via the interface.

You can queue messages from any thread:

snackbarMessageQueue.Enqueue("Wow, easy!");

And you can arrange for action callbacks:

snackbarMessageQueue.Enqueue("Item 1 Deleted", "UNDO", () => HandleUndoMethod());
snackbarMessageQueue.Enqueue($"Item {id} Deleted", "UNDO", undoId => HandleUndoMethod(undoId), id);

Note that although you can queue messages from any thread, you can only access Snackbar.MessageQueue from the Dispatcher.

If you assign a message queue to a DialogHost, if a snackbar notification displays whilst a dialog is being shown, the display period will extend so the user does not miss the notification. So a basic application setup might look like:

<materialDesign:DialogHost SnackbarMessageQueue="{Binding ElementName=MySnackbar, Path=MessageQueue}">
        <!-- app content here -->
        <materialDesign:Snackbar x:Name="MySnackbar" MessageQueue="{materialDesign:MessageQueue}" />