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Q-SET: MSMQ Development & Monitoring Tool

Several years ago this was a licensed product sold for a fee. I no longer actively maintain it so have open sourced it.

It's a pretty comprehensive tool for working with MSMQ whether you are in development or admin phase.

The code is pretty clean and tidy but I wrote it a long time ago so make no apology for the lack of what might be considered common design patterns.

A big thank-you to for removing the licenced 3rd party libs and replacing with free versions, making this tool fully open source and entirely free to use.

This is a C#/WinForms project.


  • Easily send (and repeat send) messages using a variety of formatters
  • Inspect messages with hex, text, XML & custom HTML viewers
  • Drag and drop messages between queues
  • Search across a domain for queues
  • Custom grouping of queues
  • Monitoring of queue sizes

Main Screen New Message Screen Queue Search Screen