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ButterFaces a smart JSF framework

Java CI with Maven License: MIT

What is ButterFaces?

YAJF - yet another JSF Framework. There are a lot of JSF frameworks like RichFaces or PrimeFaces. Most of them brings a lot of features and they feel like fat clients. ButterFaces is a lightweight JSF framework bringing a lot of nice features to JSF with beeing minimal invasive. Easy to use and easy to extend by custom features.

ButterFaces is a JSF 2 component enrichment framework. It wrappes most of default JSF 2 components and adds labels, readonly-views, tooltips, placeholder, validation style class marker and other nice features to the standard JSF 2 components.

Why ButterFaces?

It is simple: Because everything tastes better with butter. Plain JSF brings a lot of components but if you want to use them they are naked. There are no labels for input components, no tooltips except of titles and html5 is not supported. If you want to create a template supporting input and output components you have to implement both types of components.

ButterFaces creates a simple html structure based on twitters bootstrap around existing JSF components. You do not have already use bootstrap in your project - it comes with ButterFaces. And if you do not want to use bootstrap styles or you have your own version you can disable it easily by configuring it in your web.xml.

What about the license?

ButterFaces stands under MIT License. So feel free to use it. Feel free to customize it. Feel free to sell it. But let us know how it works and what kind of problems you have.

What about a documentation?

Take a look at our showcase or documentation


A lightweight and responsive JSF framework that combines the advantages from Bootstrap, jQuery and HTML 5 to develop fast, easy and modern web applications using JSF 2.








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