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Super simple timer that resets itself when called again so that only the last call is taken into account.
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Automatically debounced timer.

Even if called if called multiple times, only the last call will be executed.


npm install autotimer


// require using commonJS
const AutoTimer = require('autotimer');

// or in es6, using a module bundler like webpack
import AutoTimer from 'autotimer';

// instantiate class
const timer = new Autotimer();

// just call the function with a delay in ms
timer(delay, callback);

// like setTimeout, it returns a timer
const timerOne = timer(delay, callback);

// that you can cancel if needed

function responsive() {
  // do things

function scrolled() {
  // do things

 * will call "responsive" only once the browser has finished resizing
 * and "scrolled" when the user has finished scrolling

// init timers
const respTimer = new AutoTimer();
const scrollTimer = new Autotimer();

// call them
window.addEventListener('resize', () => {
  respTimer(100, responsive);

window.addEventListener('scroll', () => {
  scrollTimer(200, scrolled);


There's sure room for improvement, so feel free to hack around and submit PRs! Please just follow the style of the existing code, which is Airbnb's style with minor modifications.

To maintain things clear and visual, please follow the git commit template.

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