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The data and analysis referenced in the July 7, 2015 BuzzFeed News article, "The Silent Monkey Victims Of The War On Terror."
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Primates in biodefense research: Data and analysis

This repository contains data and script to repeat the reported analysis. It contains the following:

  • facility.txt report.txt Raw data files downloaded from the USDA's Animal Care Information System database on May 13, 2015.
  • facility.json report.json Files to process/clean the data above using Open Refine. Load each .txt file as a new project, select the Undo/Redo tab, click the Apply button and then paste the content of the corresponding .json file into the Apply Operation History box. Click Perform Operations and the data will be processed to edit field headings, and ensure that entries for primates are labelled consistently as NONHUMAN PRIMATES in the field col_a. Then export the data from each project as a tab-separated text file.
  • facility.tsv report.tsv Processed/cleaned versions of the data, exported from Open Refine.
  • primates.r R script to repeat the analysis reported in the article, using the processed/cleaned data. The script will generate a static version of the published interactive chart.
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