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Analysis supporting the BuzzFeed News article, "How Well Does Your County Predict The Next President?" published on November 2, 2016
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Counties That Predict The Election

This repository contains the data and analysis for the BuzzFeed News article, "How Well Does Your County Predict The Next President?," published November 2, 2016.


The data needed for this notebook can be downloaded from the CQPress Voting and Elections Collection. Data licensing agreements prevent us from sharing this data with the repository. To run the analysis download the county-by-county voting results for every election since 1972 from CQPress and place it in the cq-data folder.

election_results.csv contains the overall percentage of the vote that the two major parties received for each presidential election since 1972.


The full analysis can be found here.

Questions / Comments?

Please contact John Templon at

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