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TrumpWorld Data

This repository contains the data behind TrumpWorld, as described in this BuzzFeed News article. In addition to the tabular files already represented in the TrumpWorld spreadsheet, this repository also includes a GraphML file of the data, for ease of importing into network analysis and visualization software.

If you have suggestions for expanding or improving the dataset, please email If you’d like to send your tip securely and anonymously, see these instructions. (Please do not submit GitHub pull requests.)

Update, April 24, 2017: We’ve simplified TrumpWorld’s tabular data. Previously, the TrumpWorld data was distributed across three CSV files: person-person-connections.csv, person-org-connections.csv, and org-org-connections.csv. Now all of that data has been consolidated into a single CSV: trumpworld.csv. No information has been removed from TrumpWorld; it has just been streamlined. In addition, the GraphML representation of TrumpWorld now include each node’s type (i.e., “person” / “organization”).

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