Set of utilities for use with Avro. See for more details.
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Avro Utils

Provides a set of utilities for use with Avro:

HamCrest matcher to assert Avro Specific objects, and use Avro with mocking frameworks such as Jmock and Mockito. Usage:

import static org.hamcrest.MatcherAssert.assertThat;
import static com.byhiras.avro.IsAvroObjectEqual.isAvroObjectEqualTo
assertThat( actualResult, isAvroObjectEqualTo( expectedResult ));

Or with expectations:

mockery.checking(new Expectations() {{
   oneOf().myFunction( with(isAvroObjectEqualTo( expectedAvroObject )));

HamCrest matcher which takes an iterable of Avro objects and wraps them in IsAvoObjectEqualTo matchers. Also attempts to print out much more readable descriptions that pinpoint the item that is different. Usage:

import static com.byhiras.avro.IsAvroIterableContaining.contains;
assertThat( actualList, contains( expectedList ));


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