SDK in C# for integration with Bynder
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Bynder C# SDK

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The main goal of this SDK is to speed up the integration of Bynder customers who use C# making it easier to connect to the Bynder API ( and executing requests on it.

Nuget Package

You can download and use Bynder SDK from Nuget.

Current status

At the moment this SDK provides a library with the following methods:


Task<User> LoginAsync(string email, string password);
Task GetAccessTokenAsync();
Task GetRequestTokenAsync();
string GetAuthorizeUrl(string callbackUrl);
void Logout();

Asset management operations

Task<IList<Brand>> GetBrandsAsync();
Task<Uri> GetDownloadFileUrlAsync(DownloadMediaQuery query);
Task<IDictionary<string, Metaproperty>> GetMetapropertiesAsync();
Task<Media> RequestMediaInfoAsync(MediaInformationQuery query);
Task<IList<Media>> RequestMediaListAsync(MediaQuery query);
Task UploadFileAsync(UploadQuery query);
Task ModifyMediaAsync(ModifyMediaQuery query);

Collection management operations

Task<IList<Collection>> GetCollectionsAsync(GetCollectionsQuery query);
Task<Collection> GetCollectionAsync(string id);
Task CreateCollectionAsync(CreateCollectionQuery query);
Task DeleteCollectionAsync(string id);
Task<IList<string>> GetMediaAsync(GetMediaQuery query);
Task AddMediaAsync(AddMediaQuery query);
Task RemoveMediaAsync(RemoveMediaQuery query);
Task ShareCollectionAsync(ShareQuery query);


To see how to use the SDK, please check ApiSample.cs