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This is a Wallpaper Changer tool which will allow you to show them by random or by least viewed, but it will also adjust the images for a Day / Night cycle which can be set to any time you want. LAWC stores the library of pictures catalogued from user selected folders, and will select wallpapers from those images. It also supports multi-monitors.
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This FREE app is designed to enhance your wallpapers' display in Windows. It will display the images in the way you want, how you want, and how often you want. You can filter images by brightness, size, and shape (aspect). LAWC can be set to minimise the amount of repeated wallpapers, and you can see which ones have been displayed already.

It can adjust the wallpaper brightness/tint (and others) to minimise glare, all the time, or at night, or whenever you choose to set it. You can also set the wallpaper to have a bright sky blue border during the day/light period to help with alertness.

Additionally you can display various information such as the weather, or information about your PC, and alerts for triggered events that you can set, including changing the wallpaper based on weather, computer sensors, and others. There is also a tool to quickly rename wallpapers.

See the Feature List below for all of the things LAWC can do.


  • Windows 10 32bit or 64bit
  • 60mb free disk space
  • 100mb Free Memory (for approximately 10,000 images). Depends on the number of screens, and their sizes
  • (Optional) Administrator access to read some of the hardware sensors

Feature List


  • Free, and Open source. The code will be available once I have released V1.0 (and have cleaned it up!). If you would like it sooner, please contact me via my blog.
  • Add and use multiple separate folders of images
  • Random or sequential order for displaying the wallpapers, including prioritising wallpapers that have not been displayed before
  • Use hot keys to do a wallpaper change (The default is CTRL+ALT+C)
  • Keeps track of how often each wallpaper is displayed
  • Adjust the overall tint, brightness, gamma, transparency, and contrast for wallpapers
  • Set the adjustments based on the time of day (ie. set a dark time and a light time, and transition between them)
  • Automatically set the Light and Dark times based on your chosen location's sunrise and sunset times
  • Set how often the wallpaper will change
  • Filter the list of images by brightness, pixel size, image file size, and aspect ratio
  • Turn the wallpaper display on/off on for each screen, When using the "Different on All" setting for multiple monitors
  • View the current weather report
  • Settings are stored in an XML file for portability, easy editing
  • LAWC can be run as a normal windows application (where settings are stored in the %appdata% folder), or it can be set (via command line, or the Advanced Settings) as Portable, where settings are stored in the same folder as the program
  • Load and save settings to/from any location you want. Ie. You can have multiple configurations and load the one you want
  • Automatic Backup, and ability to Restore settings
  • A tool to maintain a list of websites cataloging where you can download more wallpapers, and when you last visited the sites
  • 5700 images (4.9gb) added/processed in 12m20s on Dual Core i7 1.7ghz, win10, 8gb. (2010 model)
  • 5700 images uses approximately 80mb RAM
  • Can handle 25,000+ images
  • Adjust the image scale for the wallpaper to show a border, or zoom in more
  • Detects and uses Dark Mode in Windows 10 to adjust the interface colours accordingly
  • Turn off / on wallpapers for each screen
  • A custom wallpaper mode (LAWC Mode) to automatically choose the best mode for each image
  • Wallpapers are enhanced, and the enhancement is also adjusted based on the time of day - Dark or light

Image Management

  • Displays the resolution, average brightness, aspect ratio, and Display count from the list
  • View / delete images
  • Open or delete the current wallpaper file (via the notification icon in the system tray)
  • A tool to quickly and easily rename images, with a larger preview (right click on a Wallpaper to get started)
  • Rename images in place (like File Explorer does)
  • View the metadata for each image
  • Enhance the Saturation, Brightness, and Colour balance - bluer and brighter during the day, and darker, and more orange at night


  • Can use data for weather, location, and computer hardware to display and alert you visually
  • Display messages and values of sensors, on the desktop (embedded in the wallpaper)
  • Display an image as the wallpaper, when sensor conditions are met (eg. When the CPU temperature is over 65 degrees C, display a chosen image)
  • Trigger a notification / balloon message when the sensor conditions are met

Limitations / Issues

  • Tested with (only) 2 screens
  • Maximum update speed for most sensors etc is 1 second. 30 Seconds for weather, to reduce the load on's free service.
  • All statistics on performance may vary depending on your PC, Screen(s) Resolution(s), OS version, each image's resolution, and your collection size.
  • Images with odd pixel sizes (eg. 1000x1073) may cause a partial border

Possible Enhancements (In no particular order):

  • Add an alternative wizard to set LAWC up with "Blue Light" settings
  • Set a different fit/mode per wallpaper folder (eg. keep extra wide images in a separate folder to 16:9 etc)
  • Track image history, so users can go back to the previous image
  • Auto re-scan on content changes - detect file number and size changes to the folders
  • Set max limit per minute for how often Notifications can appear
  • Web cam light detector
  • Multiple time changes beyond dark / light
  • Adjust image settings during the light stage? Ie. adjust brightness and contrast etc during light time
  • Randomize / fuzzy light and dark times? Any point?
  • Highlight controls when there is an error (eg. Events - highlight empty fields)
  • Blurred edges to pics that do not fill the screen
  • Setting option to start as administrator, and/or a button
  • Blur the wallpapers by a chosen amount. The idea being that it will make desktop icons and text easier to read with "busy" images
  • Animate some values? (eg. animate the scale of a wallpaper over time - zoom in and out)
  • Interface improvement - Change to multi value Sliders for aspect values, and LAWC mode settings
  • Check for extremely large images, compare to all screen sizes (well, largest widest screen) - warn user if its excessive
  • Event - Use a category dropdown in Events, to make getting the right sensor easier. eg, pick between Weather, HDD, Hardware, etc
  • Event - option for graph instead of text (or text with graph)
  • Event - to use image folder (multiple images) instead of single image?
  • Event - Option to show more wallpaper metadata
  • Event - Choose which screen shows each event message
  • Event - Add option to put event messages and images on a selected monitor, all monitors, etc


  • If you have started a folder scan, click on the progress bar to cancel it. Note: if you have told LAWC to scan all folders, then you will need to click on the progress bar for each one, to cancel it.
  • Right click on the icon in the System Tray for options like deleting the current wallpaper, opening it, switching to Dark time, etc.
  • Double click on the icon in the System Tray to change the wallpaper(s).
  • Single click on the icon in the System Tray to show or hide LAWC.
  • If you cannot see an image in the list, or it never appears as a wallpaper, have a look at the Filter options in Advanced Settings. Make sure you images are not being filtered out by
  • To quickly/easily delete the current wallpaper, right click on the LAWC icon in the System Tray, and choose Delete Image, and pick which screen.
  • If the main window has dissapeared or is not looking correct, you can reset LAWC's size and position by right clicking on the icon in the system tray, and choosing "Reset Size and Position""
  • If resetting the Settings (Options menu) does not work / do what you want, you can delete the settings.xml file (or named whatever you have selected)
  • Clicking on the "Info" text at tbe bottom of the main screen will show you some useful details about your screens, and about LAWCs current settings
  • Using a border with Tile fit will srink the image and tile it at the smaller size
  • Command line parameters: -DebugOn This will record more verbose debug imformation into the error.log file -PortableOn This will force LAWC to operate as a Portable application, and will create and use a Settings file in the same folder as the executable -PortableOff (Default) This will set LAWC to create and use a settings file in the %appdata% path, or whichever one you have loaded
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