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Hive Maps

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iOS application targeting iOS 7+ provides tool for bee keeper to monitor bee hive health and productivity.

In 2015, I met up with a local bee keeper in San Diego County. He worked with local home owners to humanely trap and re-queen aggressive bee hives on their properties. If interested, he would introduce home owners to bee keeping, highlighting the important role bees have in local ecosystems.

Over time, he realized he had no way of tracking the performance of the many bee hives he was keeping and noted a large number of bee hive failures. We partnered up to develop a mobile app solution to his problem. The long-term goal was to provide a tool for bee keepers to monitor their own beehives, while building a database of bee population dynamics from citizen scientist.

This project is functional for a single bee keeper. Future expansion would implement a back-end for crowd-sourcing the bee population data and syncing between devices.

The project utilizes several Cocoa Pods: AFNetworking and CorePlot, which have been updated to run in XCode 9.

Below are some application screen shots:

Home screen - Hive list Hive overview screen
Data Collection screen w/ custom rating input Plotting screen for viewing Hive trends over time
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