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a gorgeous color scheme for AppCode

Tau Ceti theme for AppCode

Tau Ceti is a custom, alternative color scheme for the JetBrains AppCode Objective-C IDE. It comes with beautiful, carefully selected colors to boost up your coding experience and productivity. I did not feel comfortable with any of the bundled schemes so I created this one on my own. The name Tau Ceti is derived from the star system with the same name. It's also the name of a science fiction themed computer game which I played on my Commodore 64 when I was a child.


More screenshots available here preview 1 | preview 2 | preview 3.

Customized Syntax highlighting

AppCode offers a thousand settings to customize nearly every aspect of it's appearance. It would be a shame not to perceive these opportunities. So Tau Ceti is handcrafted to beautifully colorize C/C++/Objective-C, but in addition, it comes with customized syntax highlighting for CocoaPods, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, RegExp, XML and XPath, console and diff colors.


Close AppCode, copy the file to AppCode's color scheme dir with Terminal.

 cp Tau\ Ceti.icls ~/Library/Preferences/appCode20/colors/

Restart Appcode. Make sure the IDE theme Darcula is selected under IDE settings > Appearance. Tau Ceti is optimized for a dark IDE. Now navigate to Editor > Colors and Fonts and select Tau Ceti from the schemes dropdown menu. That's it. Enjoy!

IntelliJ IDEA

In the wake of overwhelming feedback for Tau Ceti and due to numerous requests, I created a version for IntelliJ IDEA. Tau Ceti IntelliJ IDEA edition. Note I'm no Java Developer and I don't use IDEA myself, so this variant is not officially supported and not part of this repository.

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