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Bytecode Website

Developed by pipeline status coverage report AGPLv3 license

Website for Bytecode Digital Agency B.V. built with GatsbyJS.


To run this develop environment, you need the follow dependencies:

  • NodeJS 12 LTS
  • Yarn (install using npm i -g yarn)

To install all dependencies after cloning the Git repo, run yarn. Otherwise the project will not run.


To run the development environment, run:

yarn run dev


This website can be exported to static HTML/CSS(/JS), and be served by f.e. Nginx.

yarn run build

License and restrictions

This project is AGPL-3.0 licenced with certain restrictions for commercial use. These restrictions are as follows:

  1. The files in the content, static, src/pages and src/image folders are proprietary, unless stated otherwise on the top of the file
  2. The styles/theme.js file must be completely modified so that a modified version of this website will not include the same look and feel and markup, as Bytecode branding and markup is proprietary
  3. Any written content, with the sole purpose of displaying text or custom content for meta tags, must be removed or completely modified, as website contents are proprietary
  4. Images cannot be reused unless they are used under Creative Commons license
  5. Any trademarks of Bytecode or their clients must be removed
  6. All of the cases (in the pages/case folder) must be removed and completely rewritten

In short, this means that this project can be used under the AGPL-3.0 license, as long as all content is completely replaced, the styling has been modified and all trademarks have been removed, making sure all Bytecode branding and content has been removed.

Exceptions can be made for these restrictions, but are only valid with written consent from the owners of Bytecode. If you like Bytecode to make an exception, please send an email to

Bytecode in this context means either Bytecode Holding B.V. or Bytecode Digital Agency B.V. as registered at the Handelsregister/KvK/Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands.


(MIRROR) Bytecode Website GitLab repository, protected branches only. Built with ReactJS (with GatsbyJS), Styled Components and NodeJS.





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