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This README is intentionally brief.

All the details on the Bytemark Symbiosis packages may be found online:

Building The Packages

The minimum packages needed to get the build process working are:

  rake devscripts rdoc graphviz

You should be able to build all packages via :

  rake repo

This will generate all files and copy them to a subdirectory of
'repo/'.  Each package has its own dependency requirements and the
build will fail if these are not met.

Using schroot/sbuild/sautobild

It is possible to build the packages using per-arch/distro chroots.
Bytemark have written a package called "sautobuild" which can perform
automated builds of a source package, given a set of schroots.

Other rake tasks

There are other rake tasks that can be seen by running 

  rake -T

API Documentation

There is plenty of documentation in the Ruby libraries written for
Symbiosis.  Rdoc is used to generate it as part of the
symbiosis-api-doc package.  If you run

  rake rdoc

This will generate it in doc/html.

 -- Patrick J Cherry <>

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