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Jan 16, 2019


Bytemark-Client v3.4!
Sorry, we somehow managed to forget to release v3.3!

Changes since v3.2:

New Features:
* Discs can be moved between servers using the `update disc` command and the
  new `--new-server` flag
* Grant command can now grant privileges to users using api keys
* API keys can be used for authentication (with access restricted to
  Bytemark Cloud Server's APIs)
* API keys can be managed with the `add api key`, `delete api key`, `show
  api keys`, and `grant privilege` (with --api-key flag) and `revoke
  privilege` commands.

* The `--recursive` flag is no longer required to delete non-empty groups.
* `migrate server` now outputs the VM's hostname correctly when the
  migration has been started.
* The .tar.gz files available on are now gzipped and not
  merely pretending to be.

New Admin Features:
* `show dependant servers` command for viewing servers on a head, tail or
  storage pool at a given time
* `show dependant discs` command for viewing discs on a head, tail or
  storage pool at a given time
* `add vm default` has been added, allowing staff to create
  publicly-accessible server configurations for use in tutorials, 1-click
  installs, etc.
May 18, 2018


Version 3.2
* `show servers` now takes a group instead of an account by default.
`--account <account>` can be specified to list all servers on an account.
* `profiles` and `scripting` have been updated to match the 3.0+ updates.

* `update config --account <account>` no longer fails if a billing account
cannot be found for the named account (but a Bytemark Cloud account can)
* `--output-format` is no longer clobbered by `--table-fields`
* `--output-format=list` now produces a list with no lines between columns,
nor between the header and the body of the list
May 9, 2018


Bytemark Client 3.1
Changes since 3.0:

  ### Admin changes:
  * `approve server`, `reject server`, `reify disc`, `reap servers` commands
    have all been removed
  * ApproveVMs, RejectVMs, ReifyDisc, ReapVMs methods have all been removed
    from Client interface and bytemarkClient struct.

  ### Fixes:
  * Authentication with a token as a user other than $USER (or the value in
    your config-dir) no longer fails with a messages about being an unexpected
  * add ip command no longer makes requests to incorrect URL, causing failure
Apr 13, 2018


* `assent` command has been added to mark an account as having assent…
…ed to

new terms of business.
* `restart server` (previously `restart`) and `start server` (previously
		`start`) can now start a server up in the rescue netboot appliance with
the `--netboot` flag, or into any appliance with the `--appliance <name>`

* impersonation support using `--impersonate` global flag. (see `bytemark
* `create migration` command for creating a MigrationJob. See
the help for this command - it's really very good.
* `show migrations` command for inspecting MigrationJobs
* `show migration` command for inspecting a single MigrationJob
* `update migration` command for altering MigrationJob-style migrations
* `set iops limit` command for limiting a disc or server's IOPS
* `update billing-definition` command
* `show disc by id` command

* Numerous commands have been renamed / altered:
- `config` renamed to `show config`
- `config set` & `config unset` have been merged into `update config` (see
		`help update config`)
- `create backup` renamed to `backup discs`
- `create discs` renamed to `add discs`
- `create group` renamed to `add group`
- `create server` renamed to `add server`
- `grant` and `revoke` renamed to `grant privilege` and `revoke privilege`
- `list accounts` renamed to `show accounts`
- `list backups` renamed to `show backups`
- `list discs` renamed to `show discs`
- `list groups` renamed to `show groups`
- `list keys` renamed to `show keys`
- `list servers` renamed to `show servers`
	- `overview` renamed to `show overview`
- `resize disc` renamed to `update disc` (see `help update disc`)
	- `set cdrom`, `set cores`, `set hwprofile`, `set memory`, `lock
	hwprofile`, `unlock hwprofile` and `move` have all been merged
into `update server` (see `help update server`)
	- `show disc` can now take a disc ID with no server specified.
	- `signup` has been removed
	- `hwprofiles` renamed to `show hwprofiles`
	- `images` renamed to `show images`
	- `storage` renamed to `show storage`
	- `zones` renamed to `show zones`
	* Numerous admin commands have been renamed / altered:
	- `cancel migration disc` and `cancel migration server` merged into
`cancel migration` (see `help cancel migration`)
	- `create user` renamed to `add user`
	- `create ip range` renamed to `add ip range`
	- `create vlan-group` renamed to `add vlan group`
	- `show stopped eligible vms` renamed to `show waiting servers`
	- `show recent vms` renamed to `show recent servers`
	- `show migrating vms` renamed to `show migrating servers`
	* `add server` (previously `create server`) now outputs the group and
	account in the pre-flight check
	* `debug` now outputs the response from the server to stdout
	* `restart server` (previously `restart`) now cleanly shuts down the server
	before restarting it.
	* `show config` (previously `config`) now supports --json and --table.
	* more commands support `--json`, `--table`, `--output-format` and
`--table-fields` (basically everything in `show` supports theme)
	* RPM repository at is now
	* RPM repo file at now
	has gpgkey parameter to allow automatic download of the GPG public key
	* Various bits of help text have been improved

	* supplying --json or --table to show keys (prev. list keys) no longer causes
	a crash
	* `show account` and `show overview` (previously `overview`) no longer
	fail when the account has no billing details.
	* parsing `--account` flag no longer crashes in some circumstances
Sep 20, 2017
bytemark-client 2.5.1
  Added tools/LICENSE.txt and tools/VERIFICATION.txt to the Chocolatey
  package. This update only affects windows, and is necessary because
  Chocolatey's automated validation now requires them, and bytemark-client 2.5
  was not published as a result
Sep 18, 2017


bytemark-client 2.5
  * Fix SIGSEGV when launching a browser (bytemark console --panel)
  * Remove duplicate notice that a browser is going to be launched
  * A backup schedule is now added to a server's first disc by default, set
    --backup-schedules to 'none' to disable it.

  Admin-only changes:
  * Improve output for show migrating_discs, show head, show heads
  * Add MigrationProgress, MigrationEta and MigrationSpeed fields on discs
Jun 28, 2017


Release of bytemark-client 2.4
  New features:
    * Support for backups via the `create backup`, `delete backup`, `schedule
      backups`, `unschedule backups`, `show disc` and `list backups` commands.
    * Support for longer session validities than the old default of 5 minutes.
      Use the --session-validity global flag & config variable to set your
      session validity. Otherwise, it will default to the new default of 30
Jun 16, 2017


bytemark-client version 2.3 release.
new features vs 2.2:
* 2fa login support
* --table flag on show commands, list commands, and some others
* commands command
* images, zones, storage, hwprofiles support --table and --json
Jun 14, 2017
Jun 14, 2017
Verify git tag signatures