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standard-readme compliant

Simple, free, open source file sharing

Welcome to sleeti, a summer project turned full-time learning experience. sleeti is my personal adventure into PHP MVC app design, and tries to incorporate various security and design "best-practices" into a fully-featured file sharing application. sleeti's development began in August 2016, sparked by Codecourse's Authentication with Slim 3 series, and has since evolved into a self-teaching tool that I've used to hack at and home my skills.

Table of Contents


Covered in-depth here, but you can find a summary below:

I started sleeti with the intent to clone, an invite-only file sharing project by a friend of mine. It originated almost out of a joke, as I wasn't a fan of procedural PHP (which eeti was written in) and eeti's author wasn't a fan of MVC. sleeti started in the summer of 2016 (around August according to my git history), and since then it's grown into a fun learning tool for security and app design.



  • Apache/nginx
  • PHP >= 7.0
  • MySQL >= 5.5.3
  • CLI access + Composer


$ git clone
$ cd sleeti
$ composer install
$ mysql -u <your MySQL user> -p
> SOURCE ./sleeti.sql;

At this point, install your nginx configs if necessary and restart your webserver. Then, just browse to http://yourdomain.ext/install and fill out the form presented.


After setting up sleeti, you should be warned that the first account registered will be an administrative account. Go ahead and register an account at /auth/signup. As stated, your account will have full administrative access, and will be able to manage everything about the site.

From there? Explore! Go public if you want! The sky's the limit!*

* - Note: The sky is not actually the limit.



Issues, suggestions, or concerns? Submit a GitHub issue!

Want to add a feature? We accept PRs!

All upcoming and completed features, bugfixes, etc are listed on the Trello board


Copyright (c) Eliot Partridge, 2016-17. Licensed under the MPL v2.0.