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read hackerspace open state from spaceapi JSON and update mastadon profile to reflect this state
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update mastadon profile field with spaceapi state

this script tries to fetch a spaceapi ( JSON file, parses the current space state (open / closed, since when) and updates a mastadon profile custom field to reflect this state.


# git clone
# cd MastodonStatus
# python3 -m venv venv
# venv/bin/activate
# pip install -r requirements.txt
# cp

update config in

  • set INSTANCE_URL to the base URL of your mastadon instance, e.g. ''
  • set SPACE_API_URL to the URL of your spaceapi json file
  • set STATE_FIELD_NAME to the name of the profile field whose value should be overwritten by this script you have to create this field by yourself, e.g. via your instance's website
  • set STATE_[OPEN|CLOSED|UNKNOWN] texts as you like

generate access token

the script needs a mastadon API token to operate. you can e.g. generate that from a python REPL:

# python3
>>> from settings import *
>>> Mastodon.create_app('myhackerspace_open_status', api_base_url=INSTANCE_URL, to_file=CLIENT_ID_FILENAME)
>>> mastodon = Mastodon(client_id=CLIENT_ID_FILENAME, api_base_url=INSTANCE_URL)
>>> mastodon.log_in('', 'incrediblygoodpassword', to_file=ACCESS_TOKEN_FILENAME)


run the script once to check that it works, then let it run periodically, e.g. from cron.

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