@robotanarchy robotanarchy released this Jan 3, 2015 · 704 commits to master since this release

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While there have been lots of technical changes under the hood, there are only few changes that are really noticeable for the end-user right now. Anyway, they are important enough to make a new release. Although the mod is still an alpha version, for its limited and unfinished feature set, it works pretty stable now. Here's the included change log:

  • Mod doesn't need to be started multiple times, before it
    works (fixes #3)
  • Rumble signal when the controller code is ready
  • sdl_controller_code shuts down properly
  • detect when player is in a car (could be used for new
    controller mappings!) and lots of other technical
    improvements that future versions will make use of
    (new injected API network protocol etc.)

UPGRADING NOTICE: Delete the contents of your AppData\GTA2 Hackers Remix\ folder!