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gta2 mirrors

Rockstar Games has published GTA2 for free, but their official mirror is offline for quite a while now. The internet doesn't forget, so just pick a mirror. After installation, copy all files from the installation path (c:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA2\) in the GTA2 folder inside G2HR (for example: g2hr-0.4-windows\GTA2\)!

GTA-MP version

Download here. The menu songs are not included (see below), but the GTA2.exe main game file seems to be the only one that works in G2HR 0.4.x.

latest official version (probably not working in 0.4.x!)

It contains the menu songs in /data/GTAudio/A.wav (and D.wav), but the GTA2.exe main file doesn't seem to work right now. Use the one from GTA-MP!

other notes

adding mirrors

Feel free to add good mirrors to this list, but please make sure that the download matches the hashes below and doesn't contain additional crap like downloaders and toolbars! The G2HR installer will perform a checksum validation (not finished yet in G2HR 0.4).

The only supported version (except for the GTA-MP version) is

# sha512 sums
4377285b70b101c70d401b8addfbfb4d7639825d46e81d127ca8a6c83ef97bcc060610447abeb166718eed1dee27172a955e3cf2cac015bb813537cb6b7d3764  GTA2INSTALLER.ZIP
e5d81555bfa7a69fb997c44bc08e9e6a3542cc69a198f12441d8c180e1cfdb4751eafe15c69d7fbba79fcceba6f1bc794ad41a813a5226c94662e4a2d09905ef  GTA2.exe
bb25558cfdf91830c2cb0fe59f302bd6ff748d8aa3c46f7961058cc6659fd58be9688ddacf757885c43e72deb14bd4601679127613420aafcf94f21587fea708  GTA2_README.TXT