Linux (Wine)

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Here are some notes on getting the mod working with Linux. Also have a look at

Wine is officially supported since version 0.3.1-splitscreen_mod!

GTA2 Wine installation for 0.3.1

This text is obsolete, read the install instructions in the README.txt instead, takes care of this!

  • install winetricks and run: winetricks -q directplay vb6run
  • install Vike's GTA2
  • make sure that you have 32bit alsa libs installed for sound

Running the whole mod in Wine


What works

  • G2HR Alpha GUI
  • Merging windows
  • proxy_dll with TCP server
  • sdl_controller_code, when compiled natively for linux (it should even be possible to call this from within AutoIt3, so we'll probably do that in the next release)
  • Tested with the OSS radeon driver

What doesn't

  • Sound is gone as soon as the windows are merged! (0.2.0)
  • At least with 0.3.0 sound works, when not merging windows. that is okay, because with wine we can run all wine processes in one window!
  • Shutting the mod down properly, but you can kill the script in the terminal. We probably can work around this with some shell magic

Random notes

  • Ping seems to be better on wine?
  • Network stuff seems to launch faster
  • Shutdown doesn't work well
  • In one case a reboot was required, before hosting a network game worked again o_O
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