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RaspberryPi port of Byzantium Linux.
Python Shell Puppet
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Debugged rewrite on a real RasPi with a wifi device that we know works


Signed-off-by: The Doctor <>
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@virtadpt virtadpt authored
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autoconfigd-0.3 Debugged rewrite on a real RasPi with a wifi device that we know works
captive-portal-daemon-v0.4 Updated Debian build scripts for this release.
etherpad-lite-20130716 Updated Debian package files for latest checkout of Etherpad-Lite.
groundstation-20140413 Initial commit of preremove-pak script. This script gets run when the
libv8-3.14.5 Initial commit of my how-to for building this package. It isn't all that
puppet-etc/modules/byzpi Missed a Windows-specific option in /etc/dnsmasq.conf. Fixed.
qwebirc-20120215 The Debian initscript is giving me no end of trouble. The Slackware one
service-directory-0.1 Updated debian/changelog prior to building new package.
verify-operation-0.2 Trying to get the .desktop file in the right place. formats a little better Fixed the shell sccript that makes it easier to start a Raspbian imag…


This repository is for the RaspberryPi port of Byzantium Linux, the first milestone of the ISC development grant.


::Byzantium provides true mesh networking, through the use of OLSRd, and avahi. It uses many of the same configs from Commotion Wireless, providing seemless integration.

::The Byzantium repo is legacy, the project is in the process of being migrated to the buildtree, and it's linked repos.


::The auto config script requires no user interaction, it's copied from, to /usr/bin/

::After running the config, you should see your wireless interface in "ad-hoc" mode, connected to the "Byzantium" network.

::If you ran the curl command from the wiki, you don't need to run the script, just reboot, and you should be connected.

Please see the ByzPi Wiki for more information

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