Helping Test Byzantium

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Table of Contents

Basic Validation Tests

  • Boot up Byzantium in as many graphical modes as possible from the bootloader
    • Did you encounter problems with video not showing up properly in any of them?
    • Did your system successfully startup?
  • Observe the Desktop Environment
    • Did Firefox start successfully, and did it display a success or a failure message?
    • Did any strange error messages or windows popup?
  • Were you able to associate another laptop with your Byzantium node?
  • When you opened a web browser on the other laptop, did you see the captive portal screen, did you see an error message, or did you not see anything?
  • Were you able to click through the captive portal? Did you see the service directory?

Collecting Diagnostic Info for the Development Team

Run PSInfo

  • Open LXterminal
  • Enter command
  • Enter root password when prompted (Default password is: toor)
  • A file named psinfo.txt will be saved on the Desktop as psinfo.txt

Save PSINFO.txt

  • Either email this file to yourself from Byzantium (if possible), or copy the psinfo.txt file to a flash drive.
  • To mount a flash drive, plug it into a USB port. Click on the menu button in the bottom-left corner, click on System Tools and then Mount Drives.
  • When prompted, enter the root password.
  • When the panel pops up, click on the Storage tab. Select the flash drive you just plugged in - it should be at the very bottom of the list.
  • Make sure "Open folder after mounting" is checked.
  • Click the Mount button.
  • In the window that comes up, click File -> New Window.
  • Double click home, then guest, then Desktop.
  • Right-click the psinfo.txt icon.
  • Click Copy
  • Your USB Flash drive will be in the left hand panel at the bottom of the list. Double click on it.
  • Right click in the big window, Paste.
  • Right click your flash drive, click Unmount.
  • Your psinfo.txt file has been copied to your flash drive.

Open a GitHub Issue

  • Navigate to the Byzantium Issues section on GitHub at:
  • Click New Issue
  • Enter a brief description of the problem as the Title.
  • Include as much information as possible in the larger text box below the title
  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Please be sure to paste the contents of your psinfo.txt file into the larger text box, so that the developers have access to your hardware configuration for troubleshooting. Enter three ` symbols before and after you paste your psinfo.txt so ensure it is properly formatted.

Example GitHub Issue Entry

Title: Activating wlan0 on an IBM FooBox generates an error message

Description: When I click on wlan0 to activate a mesh interface, I receive the error message "Ninjas are dangerous" Here is my hardware info

(three ` symbols)


(three ` symbols)

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