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Scripts to perform miscellaneous tasks.
Python Emacs Lisp CSS Ruby Shell
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A collection of scripts for miscellaneous tasks.

  • config/
    • .emacs: a minimal .emacs configuration
    • .gitconfig: some useful git configurations
  • css/
    • PygmentizeGeneratedCode.css: a style for code generated by Pygments
  • ruby/
    • view_methods.rb: displays Ruby metaclass (singleton class, eigenclass) information
  • python/
    • gets CDS info from a Genbank file
    • gets a gene sequence from a Genbank file
    • get Misc RNA info from a Genbank file
    • git checkout-merge-diff-checkout; checks out the branch specified at the first argument, merges the branch specified at the second argument, diffs the two branches, and checks out the first branch to finish
    • converts all MP3 files to OGG files in a directory and subdirectories
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