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Presented workshops since 2019
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Workshop materials for IoT supply chain analysis and firmware reconnaissance

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Presented workshops since 2019

Slides (PDF) When & Where
A brief introduction to firmware extraction 10th February 2020 - OffensiveCon 2020

Notes to support the workshop

Title Last Update Level
Running firmware binaries in a virtualised environment (qemu) 12th February 2020 Medium

Required level of knowledge and competence

Level name Expected knowledge and competence
entry Basic computer skills as a user. Programming or knowledge of computer structure is not required.
medium Basic computer skills as an advanced user with a daily use of a Unix-like operating system. Basic programming skills are required such as shell scripting.
advanced Knowlege of multiple programming languages such as Python or C. Basic knowledge of computer structure and an assembly language.


We welcome contributions or ideas in order to improve or extend the workshop materials. You can contribute by creating issues or proposing pull-request to this repository.

Reach people

There is a Gitter available at : where you can discuss directly with people who join the project and/or who attended a workshop.


All material are licensed under the Creative Commons Attributions Share alike 4.0 International license.

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