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Programing languages statistics scraper

Java tool rewrited to Kotlin which collects (scraps from web) statistics for programing languages for my site

Currently, the tool is fetching data for each language from:

  • Github
    • top 10 projects
    • number of projects
    • number of projects with more than 1000 stars
    • number of members
    • number of meetups
  • StackOverflow
    • number of tagged questions
  • Wikipedia
    • latest language version
  • Tiobe INDEX
    • position at last year
    • position at this year
  • Spectrum ranking
    • position at last year
    • position at this year

Everything is stored in two json files: - statistics.json - languagesVersions.json

If statistics.json already exists, then it will be renamed (date will be appended) and fresh one will be created as statistics.json.



If you will run this tool more than once within short time then errors occurs due to Github api restrictions. 

Provide github authentication token under src\main\resources\ if u want to fetch data from Github

Follow this guide if u don't have token.

GithubAuthToken=token 22sadasdsa34r32412342134214324123

Otherwise, you need to pass parameter remove line where GithubDataScraper is added at Main class.

Sample log output of the tool:

Sample output of tool Sample output of tool 2

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