Demonstration of synergy between C24 and SpringSource Integration Technologies
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Demonstration of synergy between C24 and SpringSource Integration Technologies using a SWIFT message processing example.

An extensive C24/Spring/Spring Integration application that demonstrates end-to-end processing of a SWIFT FIN message, parsing/binding through validation and transformation to a flat XML structure. This is fully working processing framework deployment, it's a robust design and includes message failure exception processing.

A set of data fixtures are provided, the single application and all of the integration tests use these data fixtures to demonstrate capability of the application. The data fixtures are SWIFT FIN MT541 messages, both valid and invalid (parse invalid & semantically invalid).

Message consumption and production is seperated from the main body of business processing in order that the different technical connectors can be configured for use, i.e. you may want to read or write to and from local file system files, a cloud service, an IMDG, a database of some kind or a remote stream.

The application makes use of Spring v3 features such as @Configuration and @Profile as well as XML files representing the Spring Integration configuration.

Mockito was used to provide test doubles for the project, both mocks and spies are configured. Mocks are used for the gateways, spies are used for the service activators wrapping the gateways. Integration tests use a setup and verification of gateway operation.

The technical connector that's provided in the first release is File based, onward development work will result in Gemfire IMDG, RabbitMQ and CloudFoundry connectivity.