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A small, multipurpose Modal library for JavaScript
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a small, multipurpose Modal Library for displaying dynamic content


  • jQuery 3.4.1 or higher

Getting Started

  1. Download the source files from this repository
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Copy the ibox.css and ibox.js files from the src folder into your website
  4. Include it in the header of your site
  5. Open a script tag in the body your site
  6. Create a iBox object as following:
var YourObjectName = new ibox();
  1. You are ready to go...

Object Creation Parameters

The following lines are showing, what you can do when you are creating your ibox object.

  1. pass an object with options:
    • active (true/false) - should the ibox get opened on creation
    • content (text/html) - puts the given content into the lightbox

You can pass the object like this:

var YourObjectName=new ibox({
	active: true,
	content: "some content"

Other options are added in later versions.


The following functions could be used with the ibox object:

General Functions
  • getId() - returns the internal ID of the iBox
  • open() - shows the iBox
  • close() - close the iBox
  • closeLink() - returns a function for an HTML onclick event that closes the iBox (for buttons or links in the iBox)
  • remove() - removes the dom structure of the ibox from the document
  • allow_close(state) - disables or enables the ability for the user to close the ibox
Loading Animation Functions
  • loader_show() - shows the loading animation
  • loader_hide() - hides the loading animation


  • event_listener_custom_add(event_name, callback_function) - add a custom iBox event listener with callback function
  • event_listener_custom_remove(event_name, callback_function) - removes a custom iBox event listener, ONLY WORKS IF THE CALLBACK FUNCTION IS EXTERNAL (not like so: function() {...} )
Content Functions
  • content_set(content) - sets the iBox content
  • content_append(content) - appends to the iBox content
  • content_get() - returns the iBox content
  • content_clear() - clears the iBox content
  • content_show() - shows the content and hides the loader
  • content_hide() - hides the content and shows the loader
  • content_async_set(url) - gets content from an url and puts it in the ibox and manages the visibility of the loading bar automatically
  • content_async_append(url) - gets content from an url and appends it to the current content in the ibox and manages the visibility of the loading bar automatically
Other static Utility Functions
  • isset(var) - checks if a variable or object value exists (like in PHP)
  • randomString(length) - returns a random string with given length
  • closeIt(ibox_id) - closes an iBox with given ID (without having the created object)
  • closeEvent(event, ibox_id) - checks if the background frame of the ibox with given id was clicked and if so, it closes the ibox with given id. (attached to the frame of the ibox)

Custom Events

  • onclosing - runs before the iBox closes
  • onclosed - runs after the iBox closed
  • onopening - runs before the iBox opens
  • onopened - runs after the iBox opened
  • onasynccontentloading - runs before async content is fetched and added to the iBox
  • onasynccontentloaded - runs after async content is fetched and added to the iBox

Release Notes


  • added general functions like open, close, set content...


  • fixed some errors and added content_hide() and content_show functions...


  • fixed some erros
  • added async functions
  • added remove functions


  • new styles and animations
  • works with multiple iBoxes seamlessly
  • code commented


  • added custom events
  • controls the ability to close the iBox by the user
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