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C3-PRO iOS App Demo

A simple iOS/Swift app demonstrating how the C3-PRO iOS framework can be used.

The master branch is on Swift 3 and FHIR DSTU-2, the develop branch is usually on newer versions of either Swift or FHIR. See git tags for specific versions.


All code needed are contained in individual C3Demo subclasses, take a look at the source files to see how things work:

Use Case Source File
Study Intro C3DemoStudyIntro
Eligibility & Consent C3DemoEligibility
Consenting Only C3DemoConsenting
Overview & Eligibility & Consent C3DemoOverviewEligibilityConsent
Signed Consent Review C3DemoSignedConsentReview
Survey / Questionnaire C3DemoQuestionnaire
System Services C3DemoSystemServices
Geocoding C3DemoGeocoding

Swift vs. Objective-C

The framework is written in Swift and not (usefully) usable from an Objective-C app. If you develop in Objective-C, we suggest you mix and match Swift and Objective-C within your app, meaning you interface with C3-PRO through Swift. This can be cut down to a minimum so should not impose a barrier too high on those not accustomed with Swift.


Clone this repository and you'll be able to Build & Run immediately:

git clone --recursive
cd c3-pro-demo-ios
open c3-pro-demo-ios.xcodeproj

You only need to look at C3Demo.swift's viewController() method to see how individual parts of the framework are used in this sample app. For documentation refer to the C3-PRO iOS framework documentation. Be sure to look at the console – the framework will warn you about issues such as missing files.

Example Content

The files that are included in the project are added in a way that's best to get an overview over which files are needed for which task. It may not be the best way to include files in your project; images for example should go into an xcassets bundle.

Logos added to this sample project contain trademarked material that you may not use in your own app. Also, some animation videos used during consent are missing. You can find them in the repos of other ResearchKit apps.