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Study Introduction

These classes allow to display the standard “Welcome to my study” screen that is shown to new users and allows them to inform themselves before joining your study.

Module Interface


  • StudyIntro.storyboard, use the one provided and alter it, if needed.
  • StudyIntroConfiguration, read from local JSON, for customization.


  • StudyIntroCollectionViewController, ready to be shown.

Study Intro Collection View Controller

You start by instantiating a StudyIntroCollectionViewController and configuring it to your liking. Then simply show it as the root view controller and your app already looks like a basic ResearchKit app.

You can use StudyIntro.storyboard provided with the framework but you must add it to your app's target yourself. Customization is done via configuration, which you can either do manually in code or -- much better -- by using a JSON file loaded by the StudyIntroConfiguration class.

Here's an example that you could use from your App Delegate. This assumes you have a file StudyOverview.json with the proper structure in your bundle:

func setupUI() {
  let intro = try! StudyIntroCollectionViewController.fromStoryboard(named: "StudyIntro")
  intro.config = try! StudyIntroConfiguration(json: "StudyOverview")
  intro.onJoinStudy = { viewController in
    // Action to perform when user taps "Join Study"
    // See `startEligibilityAndConsent()` in `Consent/` on how
    // you can proceed with eligibility and consenting
  let navi = UINavigationController(rootViewController: intro)
  window?.rootViewController = navi


  "title": "My Research App",
  "logo": "logo_disease_researchInstitute",
  "items": [
      "type": "welcome",
      "title": "Welcome to My App",
      "subtitle": "An Awesome Research Study",
      "video": "VideoFile"
      "type": "video",
      "video": "VideoFile"
      "title": "About this Study",
      "filename": "Intro_about"
      "title": "How this Study works",
      "filename": "Intro_howstuffworks"
      "title": "Who is Eligible to Participate",
      "filename": "Intro_eligibility"


Add your blank consent PDF named Consent.pdf to the app bundle to make it accessible from a welcome intro item.

You can use the Consent & Eligibility classes contained in C3-PRO to move on to eligibility checking and consenting when the user taps “Join Study”. A ConsentController instance has a method eligibilityStatusViewController() that configures and returns a view controller that guides through simple YES/NO eligibility checking. If you call this method on the intro's onJoinStudy block and display the returned view controller, you will get the default ResearchKit app experience when users want to join a study.

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